Thursday, December 10, 2015

YDEV Elevator Speeches

Elevator Speeches about YDEV as a Field and YDEV@RIC.

Leave a comment below, pasting in your elevator speech from class.

Friday, December 4, 2015

YDEV Events

Please don't forget to follow the assignment criteria for posting your YDEV events on your blog.

From the syllabus:

Youth Development Events and Reflection (10%)
Over the course of the semester, you need to attend two public events (on campus or off) that relate to the issues we are discussing in this class.  You can attend the Promising Practices conference in November, and can choose any of the GEND films (every other Wednesdays in Adams 1B), any of the events scheduled for Diversity Week in October or any other events you may find on your own or in your internship.  After each event, you need to write a post on your blog that includes:

    • 250+ words that describes the event
    • Connections to at least one of our course texts or themes
    • At least one picture
    • At least 3 hyperlinks to relevant sites/resources