Thursday, December 10, 2015

YDEV Elevator Speeches

Elevator Speeches about YDEV as a Field and YDEV@RIC.

Leave a comment below, pasting in your elevator speech from class.


  1. Youth development focuses on helping youth develop social/emotional skills, critical thinking skills and leadership skills. Youth workers advocate for youth and teach youth to advocate for themselves. They are positive role models in diverse communities. Youth workers do not work for youth, but rather with youth. -Valerie, Donna, Jasmine, Kyle

  2. Youth development is the advocating, supporting and strength based approach in helping develop a voice within themselves. Through working together and helping support their identity by co-authoring their life story. Supporting leadership, social justice and education. With my Youth Development degree, I can run various youth programs and non profits to help serve youth. One of the most important aspects of a youth worker is helping them identify themselves and helping them develop their own voice.
    -Melissa, Brittany & Will

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  4. Youth development is a combination of social work, education, and nonprofit studies. Each student has a unique concentration and internship placement where we complete 180 hours. We all have a digital plan of study aka our map to graduation. We collaborate with youth agencies in the community to gain experience and expand our skill set to prepare for our future careers. Within our own YDEV community we became a family. #friendsforever
    -Ashley, Noelle, and Lindsey

  5. Youth Development specializes in the combination of practices including Education, Social Work and Non-Profit Studies. We incorporate the importance of community engagement and youth empowerment, while focusing on the ideology of working WITH ALL youth. Our youth workers here at RIC acquire a professional skill set along with developing our own professional identities to lead ALL youth.
    -Jonathan & Timi

  6. Youth development at RIC is composed of four components: education, social work, non profit studies and a concentration or minor of your choice.
    Every youth development major receives a certificate in non profit studies after taking a sequence of classes over the span of a year.
    This variety in our curriculum gives
    YDEV majors the opportunity to be educated in the multiple components that prepare them for the wide range of jobs available to YDEV graduates.
    Every youth development major has a unique digital plan of study that organizes all of your classes by semester. Youth development at RIC provides you with a community where everyone teaches and learns from one another. Before graduation YDEV majors must complete a 180 hour internship containing real world experiences and struggles. YDEV provides youth with positive relationships with adults that they may not achieve in a classroom or any other setting with youth.

    -Channy, Melissa and Milena

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  8. YDEV at RIC
    Youth Development at RIC is a mixture of Nonprofit Studies, Social Work, and Education courses. You are able to build your own concentration and handpick the courses that apply to the field you want to pursue. Students in YDEV have a digital plan of study on which they communicate with their advisors on a regular basis to ensure that they are following the mutually developed course plan. YDEV also requires an intensive internship of 180 hours containing a final project before graduation in order to prepare students for the work force, as well as various service learning projects that supports the importance of community engagement. The YDEV program at RIC has both advisors and students that help create support as a cohort.

    Harrie, Missy, and Kate